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Four Years ago (1372 DR): The Weave changes. It’s a change felt by all arcane spellcasters, but no one knows what it means. Some describe the feel of the Weave as “looser”. Some report that it makes spellcasting easier; some say it’s more difficult. The churches of all magic-related deities argue over its meaning. Some clerics suffer crises of faith and lose their powers. The Church of Mystra officially declares that the changes are insignificant. This causes a schism as a faction led by an upstart mystic theurge rejects the ruling and insists that the change is part of a plot by unknown parties. She and her followers are excommunicated for their defiance.

Three Years ago (1373 DR): The charismatic, popular young Crown Prince Emvar of Cormyr is found standing over the body of his father Azoun, bloody dagger in hand. When confronted, the Prince makes no effort to defend himself. He is imprisoned for treason. His uncle, the king’s brother Leis, becomes the new king of Cormyr and promptly signs a mutual defense treaty with Thay. This move is unpopular within the country, but it has resulted in economic benefits as the Thayvians pay the Cormyrean navy handsomely for the loan of warships.

Two Years Ago (1374 DR): The charismatic young Pharoah Horustep III of Mulhorand is assassinated by Shurupakk, former high executioner of Gilgeam. The people of Unther, united under the Church of Tiamat, take advantage of the confusion to throw back the Mulhornadi invasion. The priests and wizards of Mulhorand unite under the leadership of the church of Set – aided by the refusal of the Untherites to negotiate with anyone except the new High Priest of Set. Thay steps in as a negotiator, and the new treaty reestablishes the historic boundary between the two nations, as well as allying them with one another and with Thay.

One Year Ago (1375 DR): A Thayvian army invades Impiltur in a sudden surprise attack. With devastating swiftness they conquer the county in weeks. Refugees report that the army was aided by the Cormyrean Navy, skyships from Halruaa, and troops from both Unther and Mulhorand.

Ten Months Ago (1375 DR): Impiltur announces that it will join Thay , Mulhorand, Unther and Halruaa in the Empire of New Netheril, under the rulership of the Golden Archwizard.

Today (1376 DR): The Empire of New Netheril launches a sneak attack on the Sembian city of Urmlaspyr.

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